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 sorrows / Asako Yoshihiro / pop'n music 16 PARTY/ eng

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PostSubject: sorrows / Asako Yoshihiro / pop'n music 16 PARTY/ eng   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:08 am

Twlight turns to Night, and I sigh
Theres only Sorrow
Moonlight glows and she smiles
But i dont need that warmth,
So i throw it away.

To the Night Sky
To the Night Sky...

Thousands of sorrow flows through this world
What am i Fighting for?
Since Love, I've lost long time ago...

Shiny Black Birds storm up to the first light
and as I follow them, I find out my own lullaby
The same tone i listened to in your arms
But its Ringing in my Ears
Bringing me fears

Why am i still alive?
Why does time go by?
Why you never smile?

Tears stream down in the sky
Only tears can make me feel my heart
and yet again, here comes the night

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sorrows / Asako Yoshihiro / pop'n music 16 PARTY/ eng
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