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 chilblain / Glaring Radiokids / pop'n music 16 PARTY / English

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PostSubject: chilblain / Glaring Radiokids / pop'n music 16 PARTY / English   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:08 am

"The world will be over"
Who said such foolish?
Anything doesn't change after all.

I keep standing here.
I was paralyzed.
Before long I will be a crackpot.

Someone said, "The party's started!"
What the hell? A dreamer?
Are you all set to hibernate?

Dazzle snowlight makes me blind.
Snowstorm makes me deaf.
My numb hand strums meager noise.

I'll just stay here, remain withdrawn till it causes frostbite.

Say how low.
Getting worse.
Nothing I can do.

Feels so cold.
So sleepy.
My blood will freeze.

Where can I go?
Where can I go?

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chilblain / Glaring Radiokids / pop'n music 16 PARTY / English
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