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 Little Bitchard - 1995 (Choose Zero Polys And Shaders)

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R.R.H. Civilians
R.R.H. Civilians

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PostSubject: Little Bitchard - 1995 (Choose Zero Polys And Shaders)   Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:07 pm

Little Bitchard and 1in10 - 1995 a.k.a Choose Zero Polys And Shaders / Mungyodance 3 / Long Version

They came back again for the very last time
Having arrived at the end of their common lifeline
With a message to convey to the people on the scene,
Looking for some good spots where they all would convene.
They had a vision of how all things could be
If all those able minds would be set free.
So out they set to pass on their remedy,
To overcome formality with creativity.

Bring back the only demo art
Bring back for me only the old times

Choose Dekadence, Outracks, Cocoon and Matt Current
Choose Equinox, choose Traction, Limp Ninja and Spinning Kids
Choose Fit&Bandwagon, Portal Process and Lobstarrs
Choose Farbrausch and Unique, choose effects over 3Ds
Choose Komplex, Byterapers, Fairlight and Halcyon
Choose TPOLM, choose Orange, choose Kooma and Accession
Choose CN and CD, Spaceballs and TBL
Choose graphics, design, zero polys and shaders.

back to Reff 6x

Amiga Demo 64-Bit Made by Kewlers
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Little Bitchard - 1995 (Choose Zero Polys And Shaders)
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