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 Opus Life/ Taisho/ GFDM V5/ English

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PostSubject: Opus Life/ Taisho/ GFDM V5/ English   Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:19 am

I wonder who the hell I am?
Sometimes it doesn't seem like my plan
The world is spinning way ahead of me
Heartbreaking news on tv, with no mercy

I've been to back street corners
I've seen the truth in life everyday
There are times when I'm dubious
I strive through life and reach into my soul to
find my liberty
Now let's get on with the show, they're
calling for us

Back to life in music
When I'm on stage in the light with my six string
Mesmerized in rhythm
I've got the groove that will blow you away
Deep into the night

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Opus Life/ Taisho/ GFDM V5/ English
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