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 smile/miru_maki.gjw/beatmaniaIIDX 14: GOLD/Japanese-English

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PostSubject: smile/miru_maki.gjw/beatmaniaIIDX 14: GOLD/Japanese-English   Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:13 am

(papa papa papa...)

after all, we are all alone
I still search a sunny day, a special

give me now, every everything
you know so such I will view all like me
"Yes, I know."

歌う 歩く 光る 翳す 集う
弾く 守る 迷う 触れる
壊す 募る 叫ぶ
all things, you give me

笑う 揺れる 足掻く 祈る 解く
破く 投げる 剥がす 走る
跳ねる 笑い 飛ばす
so many time, it's echo inside me

smile! why are you sad?
smile! you can never know?
a song for story means kidding?

let's another laugh and smile!
I want that! wink me!
more confidently to other people livin'

"It's not really."
that's on earth again?

you're so sweet
I'm real
you and me together so smile!

(papa papa papa papa pa...)

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smile/miru_maki.gjw/beatmaniaIIDX 14: GOLD/Japanese-English
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